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This important U.S. Army document, Fire Support and Field Artillery Operations Field Manual, has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format. This publication is the Army's capstone manual for fire support and field artillery operations. It provides principles and functions for fire support elements (FSEs) and field artillery (FA) units conducting large-scale ground combat operations as a part of unified land operations (ULO) in contested multi-domain environments. It establishes the basis for understanding fire support (FS) and field artillery (FA) as critical components of the Fires Warfighting Function tasks. FM 3-09 establishes for the Artilleryman the core competencies, functions, characteristics, and principles of FS and FA.

Contents: Chapter 1 * FOUNDATIONS OF FIRE SUPPORT AND THE ROLE OF THE FIELD ARTILLERY * Fire Support and the Threat * Fire Support in Joint and Unified Land Operations * The Field Artillery's Role and Core Competencies * The Fire Support System * Fire Support Functions * Characteristics of Fire Support * Principles of Fire Support Planning, Coordination, and Execution * Fire Support and Field Artillery Training Considerations * Chapter 2 * THE FIRE SUPPORT SYSTEM * Section I - Fire Support System: Command and Control * Command and Control: Fire Support Personnel * Command and Control: Command Posts * Field Artillery Command Posts * Joint Fire Support Command Posts * Command and Control: Fire Support Networks * Section II - Fire Support System - Target Acquisition * Section III - Fire Support System - Attack and Delivery Capabilities * Surface To Surface Capabilities * Air To Surface Capabilities * Chapter 3 * FIRE SUPPORT AND THE OPERATIONS PROCESS * Section I - Fire Support Functions * Support Forces in Contact * Support the Concept of Operations * Synchronize and Converge Fire Support (Lethal and Nonlethal) Across All Domains * Sustain and Protect the Fire Support System * Section II - Processes and Procedures * Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses * Counterfire * The Targeting Process * Fire Support Planning and Coordination Principles * Fratricide Prevention and Clearance of Fires Processes and Procedures * Fire Support and the Military Decision-Making Process * Section III - Fire Support Preparation * Rehearsals * Section IV - Fire Support Execution * Principles Of Fire Support Execution * Integration Of Fire Support And Airspace Control During Execution * Section V - Fire Support Assessment * Chapter 4 * FIELD ARTILLERY OPERATIONS * Section I - The Role of the Field Artillery * Section II - Field Artillery Organizations at Echelons Above Brigade * Theater Fires Command * Field Artillery Brigade * Division Artillery * Section III - Field Artillery Capabilities in Depth * Section IV - Field Artillery Organization for Combat * The Principles Of Fire Support Execution Applied To Field Artillery Organization For Combat * Field Artillery Inherent Responsibilities In Army Command Relationships * Field Artillery Inherent Responsibilities In Army Support Relationships * Section V - Key Considerations for Field Artillery Employment * Five Requirements For Accurate Predicted Fires * Provide Proactive And Responsive Fires That Create Desired Effects * Section VI - Fire Direction * Tactical Fire Direction * Technical Fire Direction * Chapter 5 * FIRE IN OPERATIONS TO SHAPE, AND OPERATIONS TO PREVENT * Section I - Operations to Shape Operational Environments. * Section II - Operations to Prevent Conflict * Chapter 6 * FIRE SUPPORT IN DEPTH DURING LARGE-SCALE GROUND COMBAT OPERATIONS

This compilation includes a reproduction of the 2019 Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community.

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