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Medical Terminology45 Mins or Less to Memorize, Pronounce and Understand Medical Terms. The Best and Most Effective Way to Build Your Medical Vocabulary Quickly!

Ever wondered what the medical terms you hear in a hospital or Grey’s Anatomy mean? You are definitely in the majority because what those medical practitioners find to be common and normal is jargon to us. 

Well, this book is geared towards demystifying those terms and phrases used by the medical professionals. Most people find them complex but this book makes it easier to identify the various medical terms. 

You do not need to have scored a distinction in biology and human anatomy to understand what some of the phrases commonly used by doctors and nurses mean. All you need is some interest and a source of information and you will be following when you hear what the nurses say in the hospital hallway. 

The medical terms used can’t all be crammed into a single book but this one covers 95% of those terms. It is simplistic in its technicality. It also contains introductory basic knowledge to various body systems. 

Some of the sections that are covered include:

The basic body system of a the human body

The basic terminologies used in a hospital setting; subdivided into specific categories

The various parts of the human body

Some of the suffixes and prefixes used in medical terminology

Abbreviations you are likely to encounter in a hospital setting

Each chapter the least amount of time to memorize because it is optimized for you. It is that easy, give it a try.

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agosto 12
Chase Andersson
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