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Deadly Dosage -

Sunny Kramer wants more out of life than a frustrating on-off relationship with Sam Sheridan. In a fit of anger, she dumps him. To retaliate, Sam begins seeing her roommate. Hurt, Sunny does her best to ignore him.

When she meets sexy Lloyd Harper, the son of one of the nursing home residents where she works, she is smitten. Lloyd needs her help and she is more than happy to lend him a hand. As she investigates a possible murder attempt on the elder Mr. Harper's roommate, Lloyd takes to seducing her. Soon they are inseparable.

Sam is jealous when he meets Lloyd Harper. Suddenly, he wants what Lloyd has--Sunny--and he'll do whatever it takes to get her back. Being confident, funny and charming, Sam easily manipulates his way back into her life.
A move that has Lloyd in a rage of jealousy and unsure of Sunny's love for him.

Torn between her residual love for Sam and her blossoming love for Lloyd, Sunny must decide which man is right for her. The handsome Deadly Dosage singer, Lloyd Harper or the gorgeous but immature, Sam Sheridan.

Close Call -

A romance that bloomed while working together to save a man's life, continues in this sequel to Deadly Dosage that begins with a trip to Las Vegas.

Happy in love with Lloyd Harper, the handsome Deadly Dosage front man, Sunny Kramer looks forward to their life together. But love is never easy. Lloyd's sister doesn't like her and Sunny's father doesn't like Lloyd. And her ex-boyfriend, the gorgeous but selfish Sam Sheridan, continues to interfere in her relationship with the full backing of her father.

If that isn't enough, Lloyd's has a beautiful Hispanic stalker who wants him to stop seeing Sunny. Her harmless and humorous threats quickly escalate to the point Sunny's family requests she say good-bye to sexy Lloyd Harper. Sam Sheridan agrees and is willing to pick up where Lloyd leaves off.

Sunny isn't about to give up the man she loves without a fight. She'll do everything in her power to keep Lloyd Harper for herself.

14 de septiembre
Cheryl Schultz (Richards)
Smashwords, Inc.

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