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Private investigator Jack Stanton has a gambling problem; an ex-wife problem and two ex-army buddies who want to slit each other’s throat. Adding to his problems we have a preppy corporate lawyer with the best arse in the city and lots of attitude, who hates his guts, but is prepared to set aside her personal feelings towards him because he just might be the only person who can track down her sister’s killer.

Sue Barker is the preppy corporate lawyer with the best arse in the city and lots of attitude who, against her better judgement, hires the aging and despicable Indiana Jones to find her sister’s killer. Heading up the biggest corporate deal her firm has ever embarked on, her world is spinning out of control thanks to a cheating partner at home and a psychopathic, back-stabbing fellow lawyer at work.

The luscious and serially promiscuous Chrissie Barker has been brutally murdered. But who killed her? A drug crazed lover? Someone from her past; a past full of family secrets that sister Sue knows absolutely nothing about? Police Chief, Pete Wallis, thinks a killer with a serious grudge against the City’s banking and financial fraternity is responsible, but that particular dog don’t hunt for Jack Stanton who’s opinion of Pete Wallis is less than endearing. 

Author Bio - Peter Brown was once Head of Research for a major stock-brokering firm and knows all about the shenanigans that bankers and their paid escorts get up to; knows all about the hollowing out of middle class America by globalization; knows all about the opaque world of thoroughbred horse breeding and racing; and he brings all of that knowledge to bear in this entertaining and fast-paced journey into hell to unearth a killer

Misterio y suspenso
May 10
First Edition Design Publishing
First Edition Design Inc

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