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Do you tend to burden yourself with other people's problems and feel overwhelmed by others' emotions clashing with your own feelings? Do you feel drained after being surrounded by too many people? Do you get the impression that you experience joy or pain more intensely than others?

Whether you're consciously aware or not, if you answered yes to any of these questions you may carry the great and powerful gift of being an Empath.

Empaths are like unicorns. They are special people that understand others on a deeper level than most. However, the constant absorption of other's people emotions could often cause them to feel overwhelmed which as a result leads to issues such as exhaustionanxiety and depression. One may find it difficult to control such emotions especially if they are new or they haven't yet realized their gift.

So how could a hypersensitive person understand and transform all this into something wonderful and helpful?

In this bookTina Madison, a well know psychologist and psychotherapist, has concentrated all her knowledges, best practices, techniques and practical exercises to help you achieve inner peace that will lock up a new life of positive and abundant feelings.

Whatever you are struggling with – your personal relationships, your emotional stability, your movement forward in life – you can give yourself a major advantage and breakthrough your blocks by honing your sense of empathy. By improving your grasp of what your empath identity means, you can unlock countless doors and opportunities for yourself, opening up a whole new world that you may have sensed but couldn't quite describe.

In this book you will find:

how to understand scientifically if you're an empath and what are the most common traits
become aware of the incredible and powerful potential that is locked up in you
best strategies to overcome and release negative mental states such as insomniaadrenaline fatigue and depression
how to set boundaries and deal with energy vampires
best ways to behave and take care of your empath child
amazing tools for normalizing your daily life
best practices for nurturing your gift and developing empathetic abilities and improve your relationship with everyone you meet
And many more..

Maybe you have tried to learn about empathy before, or maybe you have dismissed someone's claims about empaths in the past. There is no reason that any of that should hold you back from learning about and benefiting from the truths of empathy right now. You can let go of everything that is dragging you down and learn to manage your emotions more effectively with the content that you will find herein. Laid out in an easy-to-follow way, this is empathy that you can apply to every day in your future! Get in touch with yourself – and know yourself as the empath you are!

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Salud, mente y cuerpo
16 de septiembre
Tina Madison
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