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ESL Conversation Dialogues Scripts 81-90 Volume 9: General English Conversations Phrasal Verbs IV features some common phrases and sayings as well as difficult vocabulary thrown in to challenge the student. These dialogues are a little bit longer than in previous volumes so, if your class is short, you may wish to break the dialogue up into sections. While intermediate level and above is recommended, these dialogues can also be used to challenge beginners into improving their reading and pronunciation skills.

This series of dialogues and conversations has been released to fulfill a demand in the ESL industry for more mature style conversations for use in private tuition as well as pair or group work in the adult classroom.

These have been reformatted for use on a Kindle so that ESL Kindle users can practice reading the dialogues out loud and discuss the language used with their tutor or with each other.

These eBooks contain just dialogues. It is up to the tutor to create their own lessons around these dialogues. Some suggestions include:

a) Library lend the file to other Kindle uses and create a play in the classroom
b) Create listening test questions and use the text-to-speech function on Kindle
c) Create a discussion about some of the phrases used

For ESL tutors, the ideas are endless. As a tutor I've always found dialogues to be useful in vocabulary acquisition, pronunciation practice, confidence building, and more besides. Students regularly comment on how useful the dialogues are and always request more, which is why there are more dialogues on the way.

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