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WHAT WILL YOU LEARN?If you are in leadership position over someone, or if someday you will be, then this book is for you. Maybe you are the CEO of a company, the key person in a project for school or work, the management of volunteers, a pastor or a father ... We are all in a leadership position or another, and that's why, you will find some truly powerful nuggets of wisdom in this book summary that you can apply directly within your own life.Along the way you should consider the discipline and dedication of the Navy US Seals. It may not be life and death, but when it matters, leaders show up. You will find anecdotes that are not easily forgotten as these men learned valuable lessons in life and death situations that can be applied to their daily lives. The underlying principles will remain with you and you will get a clear vision of what it takes to be proactive, organized, disciplined and goal oriented to become a true leader.ABOUT THE ORIGINAL BOOKThe authors have translated their experiences on the battlefield into actionable steps towards successful leadership in the business world. In the book, the authors tell us that leaders are responsible for everything under their care. In war, that is a pressing issue. This means that if there is a defective production in the warehouse, dissenting employees, a culture of mistrust or any failure in the supply chain, ultimately it is the leader's fault. The title reveals the general message of the book: Exceptional commitment. Using anecdotes of his time at the head of the SEAL Three team Task Force Bruiser, Jocko and Leif, highlight the responsibility of leadership and the development of the character necessary to lead a well-equipped team.Each chapter begins with a personal military example from his time in Iraq. From these personal stories, his principles of leadership, and their application to business is presented. Again, and again success and failure are placed on the shoulders of the leader, not in

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