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A practicing specialist in the health and education fields for over thirty-five years, Nicholas J. Mason, PhD, has typically worked with clients who feel lost in the bewildering environment of their lives. They say they don't know what they feel or what they want from life. They are unclear about where they are going, and they don't know for sure where they have been. These clients complain of feeling helpless, out of control, confused, disoriented, and generally unhappy. They are not fulfilled souls. They need a treasure map to lead them back to a more productive and satisfying path. Other clients feel comfortable with their personal lives but have conflicts at work or difficulty getting their careers on track. Some are happy enough personally and professionally, but want to eliminate destructive habits or gain greater control over their bodies. Some feel they know what they need to do but lack motivation. Others have severe health problems. They all would prosper from a treasure map that would show them the most productive way to achieve whatever is best for them in whatever realm of life where they require it. Dr. Mason has developed such a comprehensive treasure map to create gratifying lifestyles. Specifically, the treasure map reveals that by maintaining heightened conscious awareness, respecting our bodies and spirits, and invoking the powers of our subconscious, we can learn what we really, really want in life and use that knowledge to reach our optimum levels of fulfillment. In his experience, Dr. Mason has found that people who accept this principle and develop the skills to put it into practice solve many of their problems and greatly enhance the quality of their lives. Therefore, the book's primary purpose is to show readers how to create a lifestyle that enables them first to recognize and then realize their deepest ambitions. After the introductory chapters, readers learn how to use their treasure map to achieve autonomy and optimize health, careers, and relationships. Each chapter presents anonymous case studies from Dr. Mason's practice and includes specific exercises and practical techniques as well as narrative explanations.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
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