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Fundamental Maxims Of Ayurveda (Prepared For The Common People)

by S.V. Govindan 

The entire Ayurvedic treatment revolves upon the threefold concepts Vata, Pitta and Kapha, which, in a balanced state, ensure the health of an individual. When this balance gets disturbed diseases set in. Any sort of increase or decrease destructs the balance of the dosas. This results in the manifestation of disease. Correct assessment of the level of disturbance in exact leads to long lasting and speedy relief to the sufferings of the patient. Sri Govindan has taken immense paints to highlight the possible doshas. He has also given us a compendium of diseases that are likely to emanate from a preponderance of one or the other doshas. diseases that are likely to emanate from a preponderance of one or the other doshas. Besides, he has indicated the practices that help to restore the disturbed balance in gunas. Above all, he has warned the reader about the dangers of excessive or wrong application.

It is a must for every aspirant for Ayurvedic treatment. After going through this book, the patient will understand the doctor better and thus become a partner in the curing and healing process, facilitating speedy recovery.

Ayurvedic treatment, on the other hand, may appear as a slower process, involving longer periods of treatment and adherence to strict medication and diet regime. This is compensated for by the disease being eliminated at the grass-root level. Thus the results achieved are not only long lasting but are also astonishing. Hence it is that we are witnessing a noticeable shift to Ayurveda and other traditional health care systems. In this context the timing of the release of this book is most appropriate.

About The Author:

The author, Shri S.V.Govindan, hails from the village Manassery in Ottapalan, situated in the Palghat district of Kerala in southern India. Born on December 24, 1924, Govindanji is the youngest son in a family of five children. He spent his childhood and adolescence in Kerala where he was educated by his brothers who were school was educated by his brothers who were school teachers at the time. Govindanji has come a long way in gathering valuable experience not only as a teacher in various Khadi Vidyalayas in the healing and sympathetic hand.

Govindanji, a devoted social worker, is a disciple of Acharya Vinoba Bhave. He has been active in the field of Sarvodaya work for many years. The usefulness, scientific reliability, and simplicity of massage as a way to serve the masses attracted him. He wanted to help those for whom the conveniences and amenities of costly medicines were out of reach. The value of his useful technique is often overlooked, even by the enlightened. when Govindanji was initiated into this field of massage by none other than Shri K. Kelappan, a national leader from kerala, he realized that it was one of his missions to promote this useful technique by study and propagation. By reading and observation he learned the theory and practice of massage. Encouraged by Vinobaji Bhave, Govindanji wrote his first publication in Hindi Maalish Ka Marma. The practically of the book attracted many who were interested in this field. Many people read it and encouraged the author to bring out this English version of it.

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