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Ever found yourself wondering what was going through a person's head? Have you ever been inclined to think you're being exploited, manipulated or lied to?

Learning to analyze human behavior is an excellent way to answer those questions before they become bigger issues.

As a job of a psychiatrist, we are required to gain experience in reading people through what they say and from who they are. To be able to see beyond a person's facade, the interpretation of verbal and nonverbal cues is essential as logic alone won't tell you the whole story about anybody.

Various other vital forms of information must be obtained so as to be able to read the necessary non-verbal intuitive cues that people exhibit through their everyday actions. To do this, one must be ready to give up any preconceptions, or baggage carrying regrets or inner battles that conflicts with one's perceptions thus attaining a certain objective and receive information neutrally without it creating any distortive aspects.

Whether its figuring out the behaviors of your partner, assessing potential business clients, understanding the actions of your colleagues, or simply reading the true intentions of strangers on the street. Being able to analyze people properly, puts you at a huge advantage and a privileged position.

In How to Analyze People: Handle your Relations, Instantly Read People, detect Body Language and Influence Anyone through the art of Manipulation, Persuasion and NLP, Tina Madison has condensed the best techniques and excellent tips on how to "read" some common behaviors as well as practically applying these tips to everyday life. In this book, we learn how to analyze human behavior by:

 Understanding the strengths and weaknesses behind different personality types
Learning to interpret body language, and understand how people communicate unconsciously using a variety of gestures and movements
Recognizing facial cues and what they add to body language
Detecting lies based on facial cues and body language
Reading into manipulative tactics to see how others may be deceiving you
Identifying the warning signs of an emotional manipulator
Developing skills in persuasion techniques to improve your influence on others
Learning how to recognize psychological bullyings such as gaslighting, ghosting, and signs of infidelity

By the end of this book, you will have a firm grasp of basic and nuanced human behaviors. The professional world can be daunting, some careers more so than others, and any edge you can use to gain an advantage is well worth the time to learn.

Detecting lies and manipulations in personal relationships is a valuable advantage as well. This book can help you get out of a dangerous codependent relationship or even help avoid the bad experiences altogether. It contains a detailed list of the different signs to look for to determine if you are in danger of being manipulated. It covers some methods of recovery if you have been a victim of any of these psychological manipulations.

So, hesitate no longer, BUY THIS RESOURCE BOOK NOW!

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