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Adam Link, body-builder, software developer, and Alpha Dom in training, knew at some level that the last few months had been too good to be true.

His beautiful, busty companions, Hitomi and Nadine, lush and lactating, submissive and insatiable, had drawn him into The Network—the shadowy association of the Kinky Elites, without explaining what was really at stake. As the ugly truth sinks in, Adam’s relationship with Rowan, Nadine’s newly acquired sex slave, creates a crisis, precipitating an angry breakup of the trio.

Adam is at first heartbroken, and then, suspicious, as both women vanish into The Facilty, the Network's Hucow preserve. Nadine wants to let go of her humanity to return to a life of pure sexual and bodily submission, being daily milked and taken by Network elites. Adam has witnessed Nadine’s ability to satisfy dozens of men, but is unconvinced that she’s making the right decision, and must speak with her again.

Cryptic texts from Hitomi confirm Adam’s darkest fears; she at least is being coerced.

With the help of Erica, his Network Inspector and ally, he plans a rescue mission, knowing he may be signing his own death warrant. With Rowan at this side, their stunning assault on the Facility descends into a fantastic orgy of sex and sadism.

Will Adam be able to rescue Nadine from herself? Extract Hitomi from the Network? Will he sacrifice Rowan, the pretty sex slave to save the women he loves?

He’s up against the wealthiest people on the planet, in a no-holds barred fight for sex, love—and freedom.

28,000 Word Novella

Ficción y literatura
junio 20
Gulliver Noir
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