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Essential Modern Italian Vocabulary for Students and Learners

The fastest way to acquire a base vocabulary for practical spoken and written Italian!

Italian Phrasebook: Contains 2500 useful example sentences to help you get fluent fast.

International Phonetic Alphabet: Contains IPA entries for easy pronuncation.


Scientific research has shown that in day to day speech, you only use about 1.000 words a day., 

The 1000 most common words in Italian account for 95% of all daily conversational Italian. The 2.500 most used words account for 85% of all daily written IT.  

The essential Italian- English Word Frequency Dictionary 2.500 words and verbs give you a list of the most useful words to build your Italian vocabulary fast.

These high frequency Italian words are a great tool for beginners and intermediate students.

This electronic mini dictionary is a invaluable tool if you want to teach yourself IT. 

Learn only the most important and most used words & verbs to quickly gain a practical knowledge of spoken and written Italian. 

This Italian frequency dictionary is perfect for beginners and intermediate students of teenage or adult age. It is less suitable for kids and children.

The IPA helps you with Italian pronuncation, by writing a word phonetically.

The exampe sentences, consisting out of over 90.000 words!) contain practical and useful information.

They are designed to get you fluent fast, by using the most common and important words the most.

Example sentences also help you discover Italian idioms and expressions through reading.

More fun facts on language learning and vocabulary:

•    The first 25 words are used in 33% of all everyday writing
•    The top 100 words make up 50% of all student and adult writing
•    Top 500 words make up around 70% of all everyday text. 

It has been advised to first learn the first 1000 most common words before you start speaking a new language. The facts aforementioned seem to confirm this. 

With this book, you are able to cover 85% of the Italian language in text (enough to discover the meaning of unknown words through context), and 95% of all of the in day-to-day spoken situations.

It is therefore a rational move to prioritize learning the words and verbs that you are likely to use and hear the most often. 

Frequency dictionaries and word lists are a good starting point, and can produce the quickest results. 

The most common Italian words & verbs list will give you a good grasp on the Italian language in a short amount of time. 

The word frequency is based on analysis of Italian subtitles. Scientific research has shown that subtitles are the best source of a practical, spoken frequency dictionary in any language. 

Subtitles correlate to both spoken and written Italian. 

The Italian – English Frequency Dictionary: Essential Vocabulary contents: 

1. Why this dictionary was created 
2. Study tips 
3. How to use this dictionary 
4. Italian- English Frequency Dictionary 
A. Adjectives
B. Adverbs
C. Conjunctions
D. Interjections
E. Nouns
F. Numerals
G. Prepositions
H. Pronouns
I. Verbs
5. Italian – English Dictionary Alphabetical Order 
6. Resources & further reading 

By studying this dictionary with the 2500 most common words and 421 most common verbs, you will quickly gain a broad understanding and practical knowledge of spoken and written Italian.

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