Kaizen Demystified

With Over 30 Dropbox Excel File Links to Systematically Evaluate Circumstances to Use the Most Efficient and Effective Type of Kaizen to Improve Processes

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Kaizen Demystified provides five proven approaches to applying the principles and practices of the Toyota Production System (i.e., Lean) and Six Sigma in a systematic methodology to improve work processes. The five types of Kaizen Events detailed in this book are the:
(1) Standard 5 Day Kaizen Event, also referred to as a Kaizen Blitz or Rapid Improvement Event
(2) Rolling Kaizen Event
(3) Web Based Kaizen Event
(4) Today’s Kaizen Event
(5) Wiki (or Quick) Kaizen Event.

Each type will be thoroughly explained to “demystify” what it may mean for you. Kaizen Demystified will certainly support, supplement, and/or enhance your current “Kaizen” or “Lean” thinking and, most importantly, the doing and sustaining. In the end, there will be no mystery! 

In this book you will learn how to: 

Accelerate improvements activities by selecting the right type of Kaizen Event 

Apply the “right” Kaizen Event methodology to specific projects within your organization 

Educate employees on the fundamentals activities required for a successful Kaizen Event 

Determine where wastes exist in processes and facilitate how to eliminate the wastes through Total Employee Involvement (TEI) 

Use current and future state value stream or process maps and PDCA (Plan – Do – Check – Act) to change/improve a process 

Improve processes while respecting people 

Effectively lead and coach others through applying basic leadership practices 

Confidently lead, facilitate, and/or initiate each of the five types of Kaizen Events 

Immediately use the appropriate Kaizen Event type and associated worksheet(s) given your project needs 

Maximize resources for improvement projects 

Better engage employees in soliciting their ideas 

More effectively handle difficult issues that can impede a Kaizen Event when dealing with employees 

Kaizen Demystified will provide the step-by-step methodologies for planning, implementing, and sustaining improvement initiatives for five types of Kaizen Events. It will be management’s responsibility to commit the necessary resources (i.e., training, materials, time allocation, etc.). Management must also be actively involved to ensure a successful Kaizen Event for the organization. 

We have included Dropbox file links to over 40 Excel worksheets that are reference throughout this book. This will allow you to immediately apply (and customize) what may be required in your Kaizen Event.

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