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Is stressing over money your default state of being?
Money anxiety is painful. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is exhausting. Financial independence seems like a pipe dream that's only achieved by the "lucky few." Being stuck in a scarcity mindset is a burden we all struggle with at some point.

But what if you created a NEW default state of being?
Transforming your money mindset is the key to unlocking financial abundance–and many other forms of abundance too!
Manifesting abundance is astonishingly easy. All it takes is a bit of knowledge, some guidance, mindful action, and faith in Divine Timing.

Manifesting Abundance gives you all this and more!

Do you know what it feels like to...

Never have enough? If you're even able to find what you need, there's always a shortage.
Be filled with jealousy? Everyone else seems to always have what you want, but can't get.
Believe money fixes problems? If only you had enough money for XYZ, it would solve all these problems.

Imagine a life where...

You're never worried about meeting your most basic needs.
You always have more than enough to cover all your bills with lots of money leftover.
You easily attract more money without working more hours or cutting expenses.
Manifesting anything you desire gets easier and easier.
You're receiving gifts of abundance every, single, day.

Introducing The Manifesting Abundance: Transform Your Money Mindset with the Law of Attraction!

Here's what you'll learn:

From Abundance to Scarcity
Reframe your mindset from believing in only scarcity to believing in only abundance. This alone will bring many blessings!
Cultivate Gratitude
Simultaneously love your life as it is now, while also striving to manifest something even more amazing.
Manifesting Step-By-Step
Create a continuous cycle of manifesting by understanding the steps needed to manifest easily and quickly.
Rewrite Your Money Story
Change how you interact with, think about, and relate to money so it's no longer the enemy, but a tool.
Manifesting Phases
Move through the four phases of manifesting with journal prompts, activities, affirmations, goal setting, planning, and more.
Real Law of Attraction Knowledge
Myths will be debunked, political problems will be addressed, and learning to avoid common pitfalls (like toxic positivity).

Manifesting Abundance: Transform Your Money Mindset with the Law of Attraction is a book that's perfect for manifesting beginners and novices alike. We'll go over everything from manifesting basics, to complex social issues, and everything in between.

By the end of this book, your whole outlook on manifesting with the Law of Attraction will be completely transformed. It will no longer seem like an elusive, abstract theory, but rather a practical and easy-to-follow system of dream chasing.

Everything you've ever wanted and needed is within your reach! Co-creating with the Universe has never been easier to do and understand. You'll be amazed at what you can do!

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