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Lana (Allen) Hilton was born in1947 in Walters, Okla. Growing up in a small town setting and having Grandparents available, made home and family the center of childhood. The church, the school, and the community set a constant guideline of how we lived. Some of the best of times was hearing stories of the relatives during family gatherings. Better yet, was personal interaction with the great aunts and uncles and both sets of Grandparents. My sister, Roberta and I, still reminisce about some of the experiences we had as children during these gatherings. Our listening to untold stories around the table during holidays and family reunions will always be a etched in our memory.

In the twenty- first century, I miss some of those experiences. As an adult, I am forever grateful that we played outdoors, went on adventures in the neighborhood, imagined what we would be when we grew up and listened to the stories of the family elders. I am also grateful for the valuable lessons we were taught by our grandmothers. I never dreamed I would write a book about one of these women, but I believe Mary Alice Thompson Turner would have been surprised that she would be the subject of this book.

I am so appreciative that through the decades, I have been able to express my creative ideas either through drama/acting or in written form. I can attest that I had some really good examples through the years.

My husband, Rev. Jay Hilton, has used humor to get me back on track and my sister, Roberta, has been a steadfast encourager. Mary Alice Everline Katie Fisher Valentine is my contribution to one part of our family legacy.

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