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In this value-based healthcare era, governments, insurers, and healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to address the various healthcare challenges and simultaneously meet these five goals: reduce total healthcare costs, improve the quality of care delivered, optimize patient health outcomes and the health of the communities, maximize operational effectiveness, and improve organizational performance. This has led these entities on an epic quest to address their challenges and achieve these goals.

What strategies and solutions are you and your organization implementing in your quest? How will you address these goals and challenges, create healthcare value, and build a competitive advantage?

Dr. Elizabeth Oyekan, a national healthcare executive and leader, has penned a Prescription Strategy to Support the above goals.

Dr. Oyekan first helps you understand:
The good, the bad, and challenging aspects of the U.S. healthcare systemThe role of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a catalyst for ongoing healthcare transformation and quality—its successes, challenges, the pros and cons if repealed, the preliminary comparison of the ACA and the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA), and aspects of the ACA that should live on regardless of future healthcare policy changesThe bipartisan Medicare Access and Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and the Quality Payment Program (QPP), and their role in the transformation from volume to valueThe new and existing quality measures that will be used to evaluate healthcare’s transformation to value-based care
Then, Dr. Oyekan shares her prescription strategy, which combines a set of medication practice elements into a bundle, a framework for implementation, the infrastructures, capabilities, and personnel support needed for success, scalability, spread, and sustainability.

This strategy will address components of the above goals and create healthcare value when implemented across the continuum of care, especially for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

In time, the contents of this book will contribute to making healthcare value, the Triple Aim, and the National Quality Strategy (NQS) a reality for all, and will give organizations and entities a competitive advantage in this new era of value-based healthcare.

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Elizabeth Oyekan
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