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This book pulls together enough of what you should know to begin a business of your own and making it successful. It’s written for brand new MLM representatives, and the purpose is to provide business and sales training for this new adventure. Such training is not always available from the person who recruited you, and almost never from the company you will represent.You have invested yourself in a direct sales multi-level marketing company. It makes no difference if your company is newly minted or is the largest direct selling company in the world. You have been attracted to it, and for the period of your present involvement, it appears to provide unlimited (or at least substantial) earnings. Your company may be a local firm, a firm from another country, or one with a long history and worldwide operations. You are a part of that company and you alone determine what you will obtain from the experience. If you don’t make the effort to make contacts to move the product, then you derive nothing but frustration from the experience, because very few customers will come to you. And nothing happens until a sale is made.Somebody has made you an offer you wonder if you can refuse. For some hopefully reasonable sum of money you have been invited to join, and you have made the decision to do so. This book will acquaint you with reality—the reality that if you wish to accomplish something significant, don’t plan on merely sitting back and hoping the money rolls in. It doesn’t happen that way. The investment you made to get involved is merely the first of many investments in time, money, and yes, heartache that you will make so long as you pursue this endeavor.

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julio 27
Ken Lord
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