Narrators and Authors New Testament: How to Narrate, Write and Partner for Passive Income

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The publishing industry has changed over the last 20, 10, and even 5 years. Only one thing is constant in the publishing business. Those who own property have more potential to have wealth.

The New Testament of Narrating and Writing is an entirely different way of approaching audiobook and e-book creation from today’s standards.

We are so happy to be the first to bring you this new paradigm. Read the entire book to see the big picture. Sometimes we like to skim and skip over parts in an attempt to get to the point, however, doing that will lessen your knowledge and de-value your experience.

I have read the Rich Dad/Poor Dad Series for years. I thought that theses books had a great overall message. I did not really fully understand Robert T. Kiyosaki’s message in these books, until I played his game Cash Flow over the course of months. His message hit me all at once. I can’t give away the contents of his books, but I will say what my feelings were and what I got out of it.

You should play the Cash Flow game to help to change your thinking and approach to money. Most people in the world have become used to teaching their children the same things that they had learned from their parents.

If you ask most doctors what do they want their children to be when they grow up, I would think they would say, doctors. Why wouldn’t doctors tell their children to begin a career in medicine; they know all about it, they have ties in this profession which would allow their children to enjoy the ease of entry into this profession. Most doctors have more than enough money to live off of.

If you ask a parent that works as a cashier in a retail store what they would want their children to be when they grow up, I would think that they would choose a profession that makes more money than a cashier. In reality, I believe that the cashier, wouldn’t mention that their children can be more than a cashier, however, the cashier does not have the knowledge, and the ties to help the children along, in most cases. There isn’t ease of entry from a cashier to doctor.

Once you know how to do something it is easy to re-create that’s something over and over. Once McDonald’s had achieved success with the first restaurant, it became easier and easier to make more restaurants. Once you create your first e-book, or your first audiobook it becomes easier and easier each time you do it.

In Robert T. Kiyosak’s cash flow game, I often became bankrupt when I first started to play the game. Now, when I play the game I can win whenever I play. In fact the way I like to play the game is to make billions of dollars. In my opinion, this game should be played with families to teach young children about money. Get his books on Cash Flow.

Charles Thornton

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27 de julio
Charles Thornton
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