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Prince Charming Opens Doors, the Buffoon Opens Legs is the medicine that your organism is demanding. For a long time you have tried to seduce women using flowers, chocolates, and clichéd pick-up lines with the hope of opening legs, but instead you’ve had to settle for opening the doors of restaurants, cars, and elevators. You’re a Prince Charming, and that is your problem, your karma, and your disease. But be calm. Don’t worry. There is now a cure: you have to transform into a Buffoon, by following the advice of a Bengal tiger.

     A Buffoon? Yes—the one who has his eyes wide open to the mating realities that Prince Charming refuses to see. He doesn’t look for love where there is only friendship. He realizes that paying for sex is cheaper than getting it free. He knows the hidden messages that his shoes send. He can distinguish the strategies used by women to win an argument without being right. He overcomes the feminine obsession with wanting to change men. He is an expert in one-night stands. He is confident that no Female human is out of his league. He is a Buffoon.

     A Bengal tiger? Yes—Lucano Divina, who leads the Animal Revolution. He escaped from the Acheron Zoo to fight against the imperialism of human stupidity, and is being hunted by humans to be turned into a rug, due to the inconvenient truths he reveals. He writes a very popular and very reviled blog from the jungles of Latin America. He is considered the sexiest living being on the face of the Earth. He will make you a Buffoon.

     Have you ever wondered what some guys did to become a woman magnet almost effortlessly? Now you know: you were in the company of Buffoons. Today you too can become one, if you accept the treatment that Lucano Divina offers you in this book. It won’t be easy: your organism will resist detoxification from your seduction preconceptions. You will be afraid to unlearn so you can learn, but in the end you will understand—you will understand women. That will be your advantage against your rivals. Never again will you say, “Nobody understands them,” because you will; and that will allow you to open countless legs.

abril 23
Talleres Uchawi
Talleres Uchawi Limitada

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