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There are a lot of pre-education and pre-trading decisions you will need to make before you spend any money on trading or capitalizing an account to trade live with as a brand new self-directed swing trader. This book delivers a basic comprehensive guide to some of the tools and resources needed to help give you the best simple beginner swing trader method and information to make some of those hardest decisions.

It sometimes takes a brand new investor and trader 3-5 years to learn how visually spot value areas and work from them. By doing what it says in this book you can cut your time down to 30 days or even less depending on how fast you can grasp the principles presented here. It is up to you to do the work and get the practice time in.

The professional advice I give you in this book will empower you to have confidence and zero fear of going in the live markets and accurately initiating a low risk high reward position with which you can have a high probability outcome from being a live market participant. Becoming a successful self-directed investor and swing trader is not nearly as difficult as one would think as long as they have the proper education and proper knowledge base right from day one, it takes a while but you can do it!

Learning to change bad habits developed by having the wrong information to start off with are very hard to break. Listen to what it says to do in this book and don’t develop any bad habits to begin with and you could be cruising your money train down to the bank everyday consistently.

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