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I’ve always wanted to have sex with my next-door neighbor. She reminds me of a Greek goddess; barely-tanned skin, a head of flowing blonde curls, legs that go on forever, and a pair of tits that would fill my hands and mouth perfectly. I see her almost every morning when she leaves her house at 6:35 to go for a run. I make sure I’m sipping my morning mug of coffee and looking out my front bay window by 6:30 so I don’t miss my daily Stephanie sighting.

She always wears the same thing – skimpy shorts that end just below her superb ass cheeks, a sleeveless t-shirt that clings to her perky rack, and ear buds tangling below her neck. She is oblivious to the fact that I watch her, which is the only reason I don’t feel like a total creeper.

I’ve been married for just over a decade. I love my wife but I often fantasize about how happy my dick would be with some variety. My wife is decent in the sack but it’s still the same woman all the time.

An idea has been running through my mind for almost a month, inspired by Stephanie’s husband, Tyler. I was outside doing yard work when Carrie, my wife, left to go meet a girlfriend for lunch. She was dolled up in one of her revealing sundresses with its short skirt and plunging neckline. When Carrie leaned toward me to give me a good-bye kiss, I caught sight of Tyler. He was looking at Carrie with a mixture of lust and envy, the same expression I probably have on my face when I watch Stephanie. It dawned on me at that moment that Tyler probably wanted my wife as much as I coveted his so why not swap wives for a few hours?

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julio 27
Zoe Waters
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