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In the first hour of her new job in Melbourne, Josie is chased, shot at, and almost blown up, and all before breakfast.

Why are people trying to kill her?
What is so important about the package?
And who are the rival organisations stopping at nothing to get what they want?
Drawn into the invisible world of agents against startups and A.I.s, Josie soon discovers that things are not always what they seem. Not only is Melbourne in trouble, but the entire planet might be in danger.

And she has no idea how she is going to save it.
About the ESL Fiction Series

The ESL Fiction series has been developed for English as a Second Language adult learners who would like to read new science fiction or fantasy stories that fits their more mature age group.

ESL and EFL tutors in the TESOL and TEFL industry have discovered that when students reach an upper intermediate level in English, they are more likely to read something for themselves. These books have been developed as a stepping stone for readers who want to read more fiction, but aren’t quite ready to read fiction written for native English Speakers.

The ESL Fiction stories are written with upper intermediate to advanced level students in mind. Sentences are not too long, and simpler and more common vocabulary has been used. There is a lower use of adjectives and adverbs, and an increase in dialogues, phrasal verbs, and the use of contractions. Occasionally, difficult words are included to help challenge the student.

The visual style is easier to read, too. Garamond font has been chosen for easier reading, the font size has been set at 16pt and the chapters are shorter.

These books are ideal for a school, college, university or libraries to include in their ESL collections. They can also be used by private tutors in lessons to encourage students to read aloud more dialogue-driven materials.

Students at lower levels can use books from the ESL Fiction series in private lessons with a tutor. The series is a great way to help build vocabulary and prepare the student for higher levels of English.

Upcoming stories include themes for older age groups such as business and finance, computers and technology, artificial intelligence, space travel and alien first contact.

Look out for a new novella every few months.

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