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Deena Justin leads a low-key life as a staffer for a recently elected US congressman from Nevada. She'll soon find out she's been tossed into a storm of political corruption, backstabbing, and revenge. They'll soon find out they messed with the wrong woman.

Politicians are corrupted by millions of dollars from rich individuals and powerful corporations. check

Extremism and gridlock have brought the government to a standstill. check

"Citizens United" is like a voodoo curse on ethics and dark money is its witch's brew. check

Congressional ethics guardrails have been swept away by court rulings. check

The Federal Election Commission and the IRS are hamstrung by politics and helpless to enforce even the most basic rules. check

Public trust in Congress is at a historic low. check

Sound familiar? 

In the United States of the "Greeting" series, there is still hope.

In this first book, Deena Justin's life is turned upside down when she is abruptly fired her from her job as district director by Kevin Fortuna, Chief of Staff for Nevada Congressman Sherman White. Fortuna's reasons are trumped up and his real motives murky. Later she finds that her congressman had been bought and paid for by Kobel Excavating in a scheme to get billions of dollars in contracts at the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage site. Her appeals to the broken congressional ethics system are fruitless, but prompt Kobel and his operatives to strike back. The vengeful billionaire and a ruthless ex-sheriff are now on her heels. Teamed up with a wealthy and wily boyfriend, Deena faces personal ruin and increasing danger as she pursues her newfound passion for cleaning up corruption in politics. The discipline and self-defense skills she learned in Krav Maga become much more than a hobby. Action, drama, and romance follow Deena on these first steps of her journey to change a nation.

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