The Inner Work of Transformation

A Guide for Personal Reflection and Communal Sharing

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The inner work of transformation is for individuals, religious communities, churches and other faith groups who have reached a crossroads in life and are looking for ways to bring forth new life through processes that promote deep change and transformation. It represents the kind of soulwork I believe is too often neglected but nonetheless essential to the successful transformation of communities and the individuals who reside in them. In essence, this guide is for all those who want to proactively cooperate with grace by doing the soulwork of deep change and transformation.

My ministry over the last few decades has been primarily with Catholic religious communities. As a group, they are going through an enormous transition and I have accompanied many of them through what I call a "Journey of Transformation." The foundations for my work on personal and communal transformation was recently published in a book entitled, Graced crossroads: pathways to deep change and transformation. I indicated in that foundational publication that this companion book on the inner work of transformation would follow.

This book provides a series of reflections and suggested processes aimed at helping those who wish to do this kind of soulwork. It is meant to be a resource, not some kind of seven-point program for guaranteed transformation. There is no such thing. I do not presume to think that what I am offering is the only way that such inner work can be done. However, it is one way that I have found to be highly effective. The communities whom I have been accompanying, and who have engaged in this inner work, have found it to be integral to their larger Journey of Transformation.

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31 de agosto
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