The Manhood Rx The Manhood Rx

The Manhood Rx

Every Man's Guide to Improving Sexual Health and Overall Wellness

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A top urologist’s prescription for better sexual health and overall wellness.

According to research studies, men with health problems, and more specifically sexual health problems, are more likely than women to have had no recent contact with a doctor regardless of income or ethnicity. This reluctance to seek medical help means that for men, their diseases often go undetected until it is significantly progressed, and this late discovery has serious consequences.

To make matters worse, when men do see their physicians, many doctors find it difficult to talk about sexual health with their patients. Common conditions such as erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease (an acquired penile curvature) are often dismissed or simply go unaddressed. This avoidance creates real health problems: erectile dysfunction (ED)alone affects as much as 20% of men worldwide, occurring in as much as 52% of men between the ages 40 and 70. Serious skin cancers, penile injuries, and infections can go untreated for years. And, doctors lose a valuable tool in predicting other chronic health issues when sexual health isn’t discussed.

Dr. Burnett takes a deep dive here into identifying what healthy sexual function actually looks like, and clearly identifies the distinct components of the male sexual response that every healthy man experiences. For each of these components, readers will learn about the specific problems that can present, their underlying or contributing causes, and how each can be resolved. It will explode the myth that the only way to enhance men’s sexual health is through testosterone therapies. Instead, his effective prescription for enhanced sexual function and overall health highlights the best that evidence-based medicine has to offer: a comprehensive mixture of easy yet important lifestyle changes, the most advanced medications including hormone therapies when they are appropriately administered, mental health therapies, external aids, and surgery. In total, readers will have a cutting-edge life strategy for achieving optimal sexual health now and for years to come.

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