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The instructions in this book will help all levels of tennis players strengthen their games.
The same attitude and no-quit spirit we used to learn to walk is whats needed to be successful in tennis. For a child, daily practice led us to mastering walking. Regardless of the results, we never thought of failure. In fact, we didnt know what failure was. We continued learning, taking one step at a time until we were walking! I hope to transmit this same thought process of determination and fearlessness into your tennis game.
In this book, I stress the contact point, being in the proper position, and being ready to contact the ball at the right time. I discuss using the big engines of the body (hips, thighs, and shoulders) to do the majority of the work in your tennis game.
This book will help you understand the importance of racket placement in contacting the ball properly. I will also review the forehand and backhand grips that are helpful, such as the Eastern forehand and backhand grips and the continental grip for the serve and volley. I also share some scripts that you can teach yourself to help you have more fun in the learning process. I give you tips to help you prepare to receive the ball and stay focusedeven during difficult points.
The photographs of proper grips and positions for receiving the ball will help visual learners. The slow-motion video clips on the website demonstrate how to hit the ball. Being in the right positions, shifting your weight into the ball, and racket placement can be viewed. Common expressions in the book (sky, water, land, step on a bug, and the J stroke) will be demonstrated in the videos.
You will discover the philosophy of a great tennis player and continue to realize that making the game fun depends on you! Investing your time and learning the proper procedures and techniques will develop your tennis game. The results will put a grin on your face. You can do this!

Have a lot of fun!

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abril 16