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Zero is Where Everything Starts: How to Harness the Power of Relationships to Position Yourself for a Successful Future

Volume 5

In Volume 5 of Zero is Where Everything Starts Series, I'll be teaching you HOW TO HARNESS THE POWER OF RELATIONSHIPS TO POSITION YOURSELF FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE – contains Success Rules for harnessing the power of business and personal relationships for success.

No man can clap with one hand, so is it with achieving success in life and business. No man can achieve success alone without creating and having people of value around him to help him fulfill his dreams and set goals.

Increase comes when there is addition or multiplication. Decrease or retrogressions comes when we subtract or divide a thing. There are friends who add to or multiply a man's value, which tends to increase and elevate the man in life. Others only subtract or divide that which was good in a man and leaves him debased and unaccomplished.

To succeed, one must carefully choose his friends and associates. The company you keep to a very large extent will determine how far you will go in the journey towards success.

I will be sharing with you in Volume 5 of Zero is Where Everything Starts series how to harness the power of relationships to position yourself for a successful future. You will also discover the simple things that you must do to enhance and enrich your relationships with people and your associates, that tends to attract their support and favours to you at all times They are simple principles that are not hard to follow or live by, but they are what separate the successful from the failure.

I recommend that you get Volume 5 and get into another dimension of positioning that will align you with greatness, and with good and sustainable success in whatever it is that you do in life.

See you at the top!

Success is yours!!

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marzo 18
Ezekiel Benson
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