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Discover how to scalp off, remove, destroy, and obliterate that flat tire you have bulging on your waist.

Once more, you're faced with staring down the barrel of your loaded New Year's resolution and hoping this time the gun won't go off in your face. You've finally picked a diet you can actually support. None of that hippie vegan nonsense. None of those Age of Aquarius diet fads your hipster friends are peddling.... Nope, you've discovered a diet that would make Conan the Barbarian proud. Something you can grunt at and take about with your friends and not feel as if you have to return your testicles to the shop. 

Yet, the question still remains: "Does the paleo diet actually work?"

Well, partner, I wouldn't have made an audiobook if it didn't. Is it all that plus a bag of chips? Not by a long shot. There are demons, dinosaurs, and the occasional toothy tiger hidden inside paleo diet's closet.

An audiobook and narrative ultimately crafted as a definitive guide to the paleo diet. 

This audiobook was designed to show men and women how to truly improve their dietary lifestyle. To give them a GPS while they travel through the archaic byways of Fred Flintstone's paleolithic culinary neighborhood. An audiobook created to help you see the perils and dangers associated with any fad diet. Learn from others' blunders. Receive expert advice from verified doctors. Gleam the wisdom of legendary scholars of culinary tidbits. Grasp the lessons that nutritionist have to give you about the paleo diet.

Here's what you're going to get:

A look behind the curtain of that crazy show called the paleo diet. Chapter after chapter tossing out all the cards on the table - the good, the bad, and the ugly.
A comprehensive scientific study on the paleo diet.
An in-depth investigation into what real cavemen ate.
A perfectly researched tale on every weird and bizarre claim paleo diet is marketing.
More cooking tips and workarounds than a book by Julia Childs on steroids.
The definitive answer on whether or not the paleo diet works.
A total of 101 lip-smacking, finger-sucking recipes.
A guide on how to outfit your kitchen - what utensils are essential and which will simply collect dust.
How to hack your brain.
Workarounds for certain paleo diet restrictions.
A quick reference guide on what to eat and what to defenestrate.
Culinary history lessons.
A list of paleo-acceptable booze.
And much, much more

Step right up, pork out your credit card, and swipe it. We will happily take your money. Sleep tight in the knowledge that you've picked a killer audiobook. Not a scam, not a by-the-numbers audiobook, but an actual reference guide that will have you screaming in joy as the pounds melt away.

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