All the Weapons for a Better Life: "Codependency Mindset" and "I Love My Imperfection" - Bundle Edition 2020 (Unabridged‪)‬

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The human mind is a masterpiece, one which is defined by several factors, including the things we pass through as humans. Some of these things make us better, while others change us for the worse. In the process of getting changed for the worst, we come out of these situations by totally caring about other people's problems rather than ours for survival.

This is not a good way to live, and to be honest, this is not the way things have been designed to happen. Since we are in this position, one thing we must do is tackle the situation rather than watch our lives fade away just because we are in a state in which we care about the feelings of another rather than ours.

The essence of this book is to enlighten you, or should I say, expand your scope of knowledge when it comes to the problem termed codependency. 

In various chapters of this book, we are going to be emphasizing on various sides of the topic codependency as well as how to overcome the problem in systematic and practical steps.

The life you have come to live is yours and absolutely yours, and the choice to do anything should be a choice rather than an addiction. The majority do not look to tackle this plague of codependency because, for some, it is a sacrifice for the benefit of others rather than a problem.

Presented in logical order, this book covers critical topics like:

How would you know you are codependent?
How to end codependency in a relationship
List of characteristics of codependency
Comparison of high and low self-esteem
Relationships that are vulnerable to codependency
Take action without the fear
Communicate your true self
How to embrace your imperfections?
And more!

You would definitely not regret as you join me on this step to living a life free of codependency challenges, and at the end of this book, you must have learned easy and practical ways to ward off the challenge of codependency living your life, I mean, your life to the fullest.

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