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 Does your baby wake up in the night and can't (or won't) go back to sleep?

Discover the scientifically proven solution to get your baby to sleep like clockwork! Many parents feel desperate to solve their baby’s sleep issues, but often feel helpless and isolated without any idea of what to do about it.

It’s important to understand that you are not alone with your baby’s sleep problems, and there is a solution! There is an easy way to solve your baby's sleep problems, and I can assure you that you, too, can finally enjoy a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep. My name is Lisa Marshall, and the information I’m sharing with you is entirely based on groundbreaking research done by Harvard Medical School and the Stanford Center for Sleep Science and Medicine, along with my years of experience as a parenting expert.

You will discover:

Understanding a baby's sleep patterns during the first year of his life, and what to expect at each stage
How to set the perfect sleep routine
Age personalized process from newborn to 12 months
The 10 effective settling techniques to help your baby fall asleep in less than five minutes
The seven steps to put any baby to sleep - even if he’s cranky and clingy and everything else failed
Why you should never use some ways of sleep training commonly suggested by many “experts”. It’s scientifically proven to cause serious harm to your child - and what to do, instead
Night-weaning and phasing out night feed
When to start and the correct transition process
The ideal and effective sleep environment for your baby and the extraordinary discovery of a sound engineer to reproduce a womb-like environment
The 11 sleep safety tips every parent must know
Common mistakes and how to avoid them
The little-known secret to detect sleep problems and their fastest solutions
The surprising trick to boost your child’s sleep hormone to doze-off-levels 

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