Boost Your Sex Life and Get Pleasure: Learn the Exotic Sex Positions, BDSM, Techniques to Improve Your Libido, and How to Master Your Submissive and Dominative Will for a Perfect Sex Life (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 19,99 €

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Do you want to improve your sex life? Are you interested how loving your sex life plays an important role in your life? Do you love BDSM romance? Do you want to learn new tricks and techniques for having exceptional sex?

Finally, a foolproof way to share with your lover your deepest sexual desires and wishes, including fantasies, interests, and desires to make your sex life even more thrilling and explosive.

Incredible things happen when you go down the imagination path, but what happens when creativity makes imagination a picture-perfect situation? Where does your mind go while you and your partner are thinking about intimacy?

This audiobook is about improving one's range of skills in a bedroom and taking a closer look at improving your sex life as well as the true side of BDSM.

The audiobook clarifies all questions that have already been answered and offers answers to questions that have not yet been asked. The consistency of ready-to-take instructions and suggestions render it impressive, in contrast to other audiobooks out there. This audiobook is all about getting to know your own self, your partner, and discovering a beautiful new world.

Are you ready to plunge right in? If so, then what is stopping you right now from starting?

Simple-to-use and successful techniques in Boost Your Sex Life and Get Pleasure provides all the resources that a couple may need. 

This audiobook includes:

How to Ask for Sex
How to Create a Great Sex Atmosphere
How to Be Kinky
How to Reach Your Limit
Sex Positions and Techniques
Basics of Safe Playing
Assume - Live up to the Role 
Never-Ending Role Play
Possible Dom-Sub Rules 
Spanking - Surprise Beginnings - Techniques 
The Help of Toys - Bondage - Consent
Ways to Suspend your Partner
And much more...

If you're taking baby steps into healthy sex life or eager to jump in with ease, these tips, tricks, and techniques will guide you on this journey and make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

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