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“From Times Square to Columbus Circle - the gaudiest, the most violent, the lonesomest mile in the world.”

NYPD detective Danny Clover, poignantly portrayed by Larry Thor, patrols The Great White Way. With each block he bears witness to regret and redemption, to desperation and debauchery, to wealth and want. Each leaves its mark on this poetic policeman. At Clover’s side, and covering his back, are Sgt. Tartaglia (Charles Calvert) and Sgt. Muggavan (Jack Kruschen).

The unhappy endings of hard luck stories drive Danny to search for justice - pounding the pavement to track down an eye witness, find that one scrap of evidence, or just to walk until it all makes sense - against a soundscape of city noise so authentic you’ll see the glaring lights of Broadway and feel the grit under your heel.

Hit the mean streets of New York City for 16 digitally restored and remastered tales of life on the dark side as written by Morton Fine and David Friedkin, and produced and directed by Elliott Lewis.

Episodes Include: The Earl Lawson Murder Case 06-09-51, The Frank Dunn Murder Case 06-16-51, The Ruth Larson Murder Case 06-23-51, The Pablo Molari Murder Case 06-30-51, The Anna Compton Murder Case 09-15-51, The Lily Nelson Murder Case 10-06-51, The Larry Moore Murder Case 01-12-52, The Raymond Grant Murder Case 02-16-52, The Gordon Merrick Murder Case 03-15-52, The John Mooney Murder Case 03-22-52, The John Elgin Murder Case 04-05-52, The Lois Conrad Murder Case 04-12-52, The Alice Mayo Murder Case 05-24-52, The Helen Selby Murder Case 01-31-53, The Peggy Warner Murder Case 02-07-53, The Margaret Royce Murder Case 05-02-53

Krimis und Thriller
Larry Thor
Std. Min.
August 5
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