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One of the few living modern myths, Elon Musk casts a great shadow that we can all learn from. Elon Musk: An Extraordinary Life is a guide in becoming familiar with the story of Musk’s life and applying what knowledge he has gained from his experience to your own. More than most entrepreneurs, he has pushed our times forward. He’s a man who can manifest energy like a magician.

This biography of Elon Musk illustrates his life from childhood to success. It also includes a section about how to become the greatest version of yourself through the lessons illustrated by Musk’s life. Your potential exists every day; your ideas are just a few connections away. By learning how to look at the world for what it could be, you can participate in the building of our future.

Human knowledge is the sum of its parts. By expressing your right to access what’s available to you, paths to great things will open up. Elon Musk is a master of culminating possibilities in the world, and when he needed guidance, he would always rely on books. He skipped college classes and read. By doing so, he was initiated into the world of modern technology. In this world, he learned about Silicon Valley, the Mount Olympus of computers, and environmental sciences. It would be there, far away from home, that he would realize his potential.

Musk knew that to be a part of the most exciting developments occurring, he’d need to be around the people who were also interested in them. This is why he moved to America. Even though he wasn’t born into the system, he was determined to make use of its gifts.

History and science are available to everybody. The modern era is defined by unparalleled access to knowledge. Through understanding how things happen and how things work, you are able to understand how to implement your own ideas. Success comes from a mixture of determination and experience. In this book, we explore Musk’s life because he is one of the giants of our time...the Henry Ford of the space industry.

Most of Musk’s early life wasn’t spectacular. He only achieved major success when he was 28 years old, and before then, he was marked by a lack of social skills. Through mastering his talents, he has transformed into a dashing risk-taker who displays confidence, and thus, is rewarded with attention. Instead of tilting to the world, he stuck to his own bent. Through this, he has gifted humanity with technological progress rarely reached in one life.

Inside, you'll find:

A history of the fascinating life of Elon Musk, from childhood to meme review
Details from the experiences of one of the most daring and influential risk-takers of the 21st century
Lessons to be learned from the life of a man who was unafraid to implement his incredible vision
The achievements of an immigrant who became one of the most prominent voices in Silicon Valley
Fun facts about a nerd who ended up dating one of the most prominent voices in alternative music
Inspiration from one of the kindest members of the highest class in the world

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