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"Read this book and be inspired heart to heart from someone who has figured out how to change the world without pretending. Joshua is a bright light in the world; not just because of his brilliance, but because of his transparency."

-Rory Vaden, New York Times Bestselling Author of, Take The Stairs.

Inside this book are Joshua Medcalf's unbelievable but true stories of going from skipping scholarships to law school in order to move into a homeless shelter and serve for 6 months, to living in the closet of a gym for 9 months, and eventually going on to build a multi-million dollar brand with global influence. Joshua is one of the most sought after people in the world of mental conditioning, leadership, and life skills.

He created the first mental training apps in the world for basketball, soccer, and golf. He has written six books, including the viral sensations Chop Wood Carry Water and Pound The Stone. He is also one of two people ever to be invited to work with UNC Women's Soccer (22 National Championships) on mental conditioning. His work is used by everyone from professional athletes, to forensic engineers.

Some of the things you will learn in this book:

-How to dominate your industry even without the traditional "credentials".

-Why you should STOP networking and start building authentic relationships.

-Greatness allows looks easy to those not around when all the training happens.

-Why you should STOP thinking outside the box.

-The myths that stop most people from living their dreams.

-The old rules no longer apply (and how to play by the rules of the new economy we are living in).

-How to leverage an entrepreneurial mindset even when working a corporate job.

-How your.biggest weaknesses can become your secret weapon.

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Joshua Medcalf
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March 14

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