Hygge Meets Mindfulness: A Book Bundle: The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge: A Roadmap to Peace with Guided Meditations + Hygge: A Pocket Guide. Practical Steps for the Danish Art of Happiness (Unabridged‪)‬

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Two manuscripts in one:

Audiobook one: The 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Thirty days to greater happiness, greater peace, self-awareness, gratitude, and to the real you.

A practical guide to help newcomers to the mindfulness and meditation world. This 30-day program gives you the structure as well as the freedom to help build a solid practice and start to see the real benefits of mindfulness in your life.

Some of the benefits you may see from adopting a mindfulness practice:

Greater peace and happiness in your life
Better health and sleep
Better ability to handle and enjoy relationships
Better ability to make good decisions
Ability to overcome mental hurdles and get over your own barriers to success

In these 30 days, we will focus on awareness, gratitude, surrender, and loving kindness. We will give you countless practical ideas for how to implement mindfulness into your daily life - no matter how busy you are. 

In this audiobook, you will find:

A practical, attainable four-week program with different ideas to focus on each week
Guided meditations that will help you build your mindfulness practices
Countless tips and creative ideas for supporting any lifestyle through mindfulness

The beauty of mindfulness is that it touches every part of your life. You will find yourself much more awakened, present, and able to make the best of any situation. Your 30 days to your mindful awakening start now. What are you waiting for?

Audiobook two: Hygge: A Pocket Guide

It’s time to slow down. It’s time to take stock of your life. It’s time to find out what really makes you happy. It’s time to reprioritize and focus on what really matters. It’s time to spend time with the ones you love the most.

Hygge is the long-standing Danish tradition of living a cozy, happy life of hospitality, joy, and comfort. This audiobook makes this tradition accessible to you in a new way. Instead of droning on about how you need to find inner peace and how you need to work less and play more, this audiobook is packed with actionable strategies for making your life more Hygge!

You will learn all about:

How to relax Hygge-style
How Hygge can help you manage stress
Hygge cooking, baking, and eating
Hygge hosting and entertaining
Decorating and turning your home into a Hygge sanctuary
Hygge for the whole family
Better time management with Hygge minimalism
Hygge and how it can make your more mindful

Plus, there is a bonus section with my favorite Hygge comfort-food recipes! Hot drinks, decadent sweets, and comforting snacks and bites will make a great addition to your kitchen Hygge ritual.

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25. September
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