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”Ashley Gets It From Both Ends: A Double Penetration Short”: Ashley is a very sexy cougar intent on getting young cock! When she travels to a cabin for a party with a group of her friends, she finds exactly what she wants, two young studs. Before long, she has both of them in her room for a red hot double penetration!

”Tortured by the Teacher: A Tale of Domination and Submission”: It's hard for a submissive when your teacher is your dominant, but that's just what Jeanie faces every day! This class is special torture because there's a bullet vibrator hooked up and the Professor has the remote and is making sure her command not to have an orgasm is obeyed! Can she make it to the end of class? If she does, she'll be obeyed. If she doesn't… well, there will be punishment.

”Taking Amanda with my Husband: An Erotic Threesome Short” by Kathi Peters: I've always loved being with women as well as with men, and I've been keeping my eye out for a girl my man and I could take together. Imagine my surprise when I discover the woman we'll have together is a first timer! Not only do I get a wonderful lesbian sex experience, but my husband gets to pop her cherry while I watch!

”Doing the Doctor in Daytona Beach: An Erotic Voyeur Short”: I was excited about Spring break, but when my friend got sick in the hotel, I had to call in a doctor. Lucky for me, he was sexy as hell and ready to let me repay him for all of his help! Who wouldn't enjoy a bit of doctor patient sex to really get vacation off to a good start?

”Monica's First Lesbian Experience: An Explicit Erotica Story”: Monica has always been a good friend to Elise, and after the latest big favor after a horrible breakup, Elise repays her with dinner at a very fancy restaurant and wine and desert back home. It's wonderful, but the night is just beginning because Elise can't resist giving her friend a delicious first lesbian sex experience!

Layla Dawn
Std. Min.
30. September
Digismith Naughty Nightingale Erotica Publishing

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