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Do you DREAD networking events? Parties where you don’t know anyone? Work functions? Social situations where you need to be able to turn it on at a moment’s notice – they’re horrible aren’t they? Having to put a face on, perk up, and have the same conversation for hours? Draining. These situations can be terrible if you don’t have the genuine social habits to deal with them optimally time after time… What are genuine social habits? How about: the power to turn on your best moods on in a snap, overcome your social excuses, condition people to be attracted to you, and master the best mindsets to connect with people? In this book you’ll find the secrets to be ready for any social situations… and expertly navigating social situations is the key to unlocking everything that you want in life – friends, love, and career. When you cultivate genuine social habits, you won't have to say a word for people to be drawn to you! Learn the genuine social habits that will let you be socially fluent on command, while taking your social and interpersonal skills to the next level. Social Fluency draws upon my years of date and social skill coaching, as well as study of human nature and psychology, to teach you exactly the ways you can develop your social self… to the point that working a room, owning a conversation, being instantly likeable – just inevitable side effects that you’ll embody! These are highly nuanced and insightful techniques into what makes people tick and act the way they do. What’s inside? How about the following ways to change your life:

How an accountability buddy for social skills can push you to the next level.
Breaking down the components of your best and most social moods so you can call them up – anytime.
The two best approaches to talking with big groups.
The surprising way your barista or cashier can help you build your social habits

Jeremy Reloj
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