Zero to Millionaire Real Estate Investor: A Millionaire Fastlane to Building Unlimited Wealth by Investing in Cheap Real Estate & Rental Property; Secrets to Becoming a Millionaire by Passive Income (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • 15,99 €

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Do you know that the average real estate investor makes about $124,000 a month? And most of these investors started without much capital?

Are you ready to join the club of the millionaires through real estate investment, but you don't want to be another name on the broke real estate investors list?

Do you feel that maybe because you’re not good at maths or numbers, you won't actually succeed in real estate? Or perhaps your major fear is that you won't be able to manage those horror renters living in your area who destroy properties for sport?

Have no fear! This is your handy real estate guide to reaping the benefits of every penny you invest in real estate, with less work, less risk, and fewer complications.

Zero to Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a guide for:

Young entrepreneurs looking for a source of income with little downside and upsides that would generate millions
Newbie real estate investors ready to learn the basics of the business
Investors seeking to diversify and make more money

Take a ride into the millionaire fast lane and discover how to find and buy inexpensive real estate:

Finding and using free online and offline resources
How you can begin with little money
How to find cheap off-market homes
The best places to purchase cheap real estate

Zero to Millionaire Real Estate Investor, also teaches how to become a millionaire by passive income, offering you cheap rental property investing secrets. Listen to this this audiobook, and you unlock the door to endless possibilities as we lay the nature of real estate success bare before you.

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