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Fifteen Austrian artists show their works in China for the first time. This  exhibition is exceptional because all works have been created by the artists during their stay in China. These works are personal explorations drafted in an individual artistic language which negotiates between the grammars of the East and the West. The exhibition offers an inside view of 15 Austrian artists: Lukas Birk, Karel Dudesek, Sylvia Eckermann, Kerstin von Gabein, Nikolaus Gansterer, G.R.A.M., Michael Hoepfner, Ulrike Johannsen, Ronald Kodritch, Jasmin Ladenhaufen, Ralo Mayer, Matthias Meinharter, Gerald Nestler, Rainer Prohaska and Kamen Stoyanov, how their perception is inspired and translated into artistic methods, to project a different view on place, form and content. Fifteen Austrian artists lived in China, became accommodated to habits and rituals. They interacted with traditional painters, visited and interviewed local artists, composed songs with musicians, reflected the genderness of the media society, constructed their own vehicles to explore one of the biggest cities in the world, put up banners to manifest their irritation, worked with Chinese fashion designers and tailors to create new fashion, painted pictures, painted their faces, photographed the fast changing unknown, did research while walking trough cities and across China with their own individual and personal methods.

Kultur und Unterhaltung
1. September
VERLAG Publishing, Vienna

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