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Managers coach to succeed and this handbook is your complete, practical reference for how to coach, why you coach and how to be great at it. 

Written specifically for managers, this award-winning best seller is finally available for an English-speaking audience.

In Coaching: the Manager’s Handbook, you will learn:

• What coaching means for a manager

• When to coach — and when not to

• The best topics to coach on

• Essential coaching skills, models, and tools

• Pitfalls and mistakes to avoid

• Frequently asked questions and concrete answers

• Training programs to develop your coaching skills step by step

Coaching is a skill and this handbook is geared towards learning that skill. Theory is kept to the necessary minimum, there are lots of examples, and a complete set of exercises and programs to grow your coaching muscle.

“Coaching: the Manager’s Handbook is a practical and useful. Holm and Sobel have captured the essence of coaching and how it benefits managers who embrace and practice the concepts.”

—Linda Miller, Global Liaison for Coaching, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“This is an extremely good and useful book, with a combination of practice and theory. Coaching: the manager’s handbook will make you a better leader and coach.”

—Johan Söderström, CEO, ABB Sweden

“Had I had access to Coaching: the Manager’s Handbook, I would have saved myself months of turmoil when I was promoted from a customer education specialist to gas and electric operations manager.”

—Micki McMillan, CEO, Blue Mesa Group

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