Dark NLP Secrets: Learn How To Use NLP Effectively

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There are lots of reasons to want to control the mind. Some of those reasons are healthy and some of them are not. Either way, you can find a good approach that helps you do the right thing by trying to understand people and yourself a little bit better.

Understand how to achieve your goals. Abusive manipulation can cause serious harm and may end the relationship before you get what you want. Instead, think of "control" as convincing other people to agree with your perspective. With the right methods, you can shift people's attitudes without losing their respect.

Within this book, we'll discover the hidden secrets of manipulation in conversation by topics, such as:

- What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

- What is Dark NLP?

- What is NLP and How to Successfully Use it

- Secrets and Guidelines to Use NLP in Everyday Life

- NLP Techniques

- How to be Empath

- What is Empathy?

- Id, Ego, and Superego

- Normal Psychology vs. Dark Psychology

- Foundations of Dark NLP

- The Levels of NLP Training

- Types of NLP Manipulation

- NLP Related Concepts

- NLP Techniques: Reprogram YOU

- More NLP Techniques

- NLP Presuppositions

- Taking Control of Others with the Help of NLP

- Self-Mastery with NLP

- True Nature of an Empath

- How to Protect Yourself as an Empath

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