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Welcome to the DAY OF THE DEAD FanBible, Enhanced Edition; a new experience in horror with a compelling blend of mixed-media components to captivate your senses. This TriBook includes:

• The original screenplay for DAY OF THE DEAD in all of its gruesome glory, straight from writer/director Romero’s brain to your computer, this script has never been published until now 

• Original storyboard illustrations

• Behind-the-scenes interviews and commentary with the legendary “Zombie Film Godfather” George A. Romero, Special Effects Pioneer Tom Savini, Production Designer Cletus Anderson, Cast and Crew. 

Originally released in July, 1985, the film remains a classic Zombie favorite today because of it’s breakthrough special effects, makeup, overall gore quotient, creepy bunker location (they were shooting underground for 4 months!) and the signature George A. Romero chilling use of “dread” throughout the film. DAY OF THE DEAD is still known as “the darkest day in horror”.

This TriBook will give you insights into the how and why behind directorial and cast choices, the motivation behind condensing the original story, and the blood beneath Tom Savini’s madness. The original screenplay reads like a tropical, flesh eating, action film with big special effects, double the cast and triple the budget. 

If you’re new to the story, a zombie buff, or you’ve only seen the film; this TriBook will keep you horrified until the final scene. Does Logan figure out how to stop the zombie disease? Does Rhodes leave everyone to die? Does the main zombie, Bub, take over the bunker? Explore the TriBook for all the shocking details. You’ll have to read, watch and listen to find out. 

Let the terror begin!

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