Digi-Geddon (The Diginoir Quadrilogy‪)‬

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Peshawar, Kharan and Hazarganji are only skirmishes in the war that will come to be.......

Isaiah now knows where his family is held captive but simply rescuing them isn't possible because his enemies know of at least some of his weaknesses.His dark side is now fully ascendant and armed with the knowledge he has gained from the past and the present, he will wreak havoc and destruction on an unheard of scale. Though he can't rescue his family directly, there may be a way to twist the mindset of Islam against its followers....

The One has issued an ultimatum at the point of a nuclear missile which he doesn't expect to be met because he has decided that the rift in Islam can only be healed by striking at the enemy with the infidel fire he now possesses. Even if he and his followers are destroyed in the process, he knows that those left alive will conquer what is left after the nuclear exchange. With Allah by his side, The One knows that he will not fail in his ultimate goal...

In the desolation that now describes Pakistan, the societal structure of the country will be turned on its ear as the women turn their backs on the teachings of Islam...many now revere one called the DarkWalker instead...

The Pakistani Military has now taken sides and despite the losses inflicted on them by the fervent, they will follow orders until no one is left alive to do so...

The criminal Majlis has elevated The One to the post of President, but if The One somehow fails in his quest, other nihilistic elements are only too ready to take his place...

Even in the ensuing crisis, other governments and even apolitical governmental entities are plotting to use the crisis to gain whatever power possible from the threat and its potential aftermath....

And amidst it all, a man treads through the abodes of the dead with heavy steel shod boots covered in mud and gore...there is nothing he won't do to gain back at least some of the peace that he lost...no matter how many have to die....

In the remote area of Balochistan, a city called Mamlakah has been constructed with the purpose of it becoming as revered as Mecca and Medina but such will not be its fate. When the apotheosis of religious fervency is confronted by the near penultimate expression of a biodigital aberration, there may be nothing left in the aftermath except the dead and dying....

Forget about Bibilcal Armageddon.....Digital Armageddon is here.....

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
28. Mai
Timothy Linnomme

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