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Get the Most Information Out of Your Smashwords Sales and Payment Report
Use PivotTables to Analyze Your Book Sales Fast!

You just downloaded your Smashwords Sales and Payment Report.
It is full of numbers and columns.
How can you make sense of it?

Imagine knowing in seconds which of your books sold the most copies, through what channel, and how many.

Or knowing which books weren't selling well.

That's right, it just takes seconds to create a PivotTable to analyze your sales.

I have shown numerous authors how they can open their Smashwords Sales and Payment Report and create a PivotTable in 30 seconds, and most times less.

Whether you have sold 10 books or 10,000 this book is for you.
Learn How To:
Quickly Create PivotTables
Filter Data with Slicers and Timelines
Create PivotCharts
Record a Macro to Create a PivotTable for You
and much more

˃˃˃ Little to No Math Skills Needed
PivotTables do the math for you.
Create nicely formatted tables and charts that displays only the data you want to see.

˃˃˃ Examples & Exercises
Use the hands-on activities in this guide as a learning tool.
Keep it close by when using your Sales Report as a reference tool.
Examples shown can be used with Microsoft Office Excel 2007, 2010, and 2013.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

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