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In the fantasy story ALONE WITH THE BONES, a thief is freed when mysterious and gigantic bones rise from the earth. The tale of IN LOVING MEMORY, with its subtle sci-fi undertones, reveals a childhood mischief that unknowingly ends in adulthood. The cyberpunk episode ALPHA BETA GAMMA KILL is taken from the popular Chaos Halo series giving us a dystopian future where food is in short supply. With THE REBIRTH we are shown Cassell's unquestionable passion for supernatural horror, in which a school teacher is gifted a peculiar Easter egg. Finally there's the flash fiction steampunk piece VANISHED, about the short-lived maiden voyage of an airship.

"A wicked journey of the imagination. A Mustread." - Five-star reviewer.

Interview with the author:

How would you classify your work?

MC: "Dark fantasy and horror, certainly. And of course, the darker side of science fiction and fantasy. Whether it’s alien horror or supernatural horror, it does it for me. Not mankind's horror, you know? Not real gore and graphic violence, I don't really go down that route ... I'm talking about the horror that exists on the other side of what we can see, what we can touch. Something beyond our senses."

Associated publishers:
Burdizzo Books, Corpus Press, Crystal Lake Publishing, Dark Terror Publications, EyeCue Productions, Future Chronicles, KJK Publishing, Lafcadio Press, Matt Shaw Publications, Scimitar Press, Severed Press, Shadows at the Door PublishingSinister Horror Company, Sirens Call Publications

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
29. Mai
Mark Cassell

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