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Too many cooks in the kitchen…

The man infuriated her. Frankie Wilson needed a cook.

A simple, impressive cook to match the incredible beers produced at the Rosalind Brewery. Her best friends are counting on her, and her perfectionist streak refuses to let her fail.And until now, Frankie controlled the menu for each cook she hired.

But Noah refuses to play by her rules.

He's an obstinate, opinionated, incredible father to his little boy. Each time they call a truce, the attraction flares. He may be the best option for the brewery, but he is the worst option for her heart.

The woman will be the death of him.

Noah Adams ditched his musical career to go back to his roots and put his culinary degree to use. Having a child with an ex-girlfriend prioritizes a man's life that way.

A job at Rosalind Brewery in Asheville is ideal. Except for Frankie.She contradicts him at every turn. She's exasperating and unbelievably gorgeous and dates an odd array of men that don't even come close to appreciating her intelligence.

But he does. Once he gets Frankie out of the kitchen and into his bed, letting her walk away isn't on the menu.

Brewing Chemistry: Frankie, Book three in the Rosalind Brewery Series, is a full-length romance novel full of laughter, sexy-bits with a rakish chef, and a satisfying happily ever after.

Rosalind Brewery Series:

1) Ava

2) Reese

3) Frankie (release date 9/4/2020)

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6. August
Sweet Blooms Publishing, LLC

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