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Five red-hot tales of shared wives and the cuckolds who love them, collected together in a single edition for the first time!

Open marriages, betrayed husbands, secret arrangements, cheating wives, and cocky alpha males. This collection contains five sizzling tales of cuckolding, humiliation, and wife sharing as married couples explore the inner workings of their devastatingly sexy kinks and needs. Featuring husbands shocked by unexpected betrayals, kinky cuckolds exploring their fantasies, and dominant bulls plunging nine thick inches into the heart of marriage vows, this compilation of sizzling erotica is guaranteed to leave readers breathless and aroused.

Contains the following steamy tales:

Reclaiming Chelsea

Chelsea and Justin are a loving, happily married couple with a shared interest in a very particular kink. Chelsea loves to enjoy other men, and Justin loves to hear about it. All Justin needs to do is get through the long, lonely night by himself and wait for his wife to return to him. She will return to him, right?

Power Play

Husband and wife Derek and Kat are nervously preparing to go to a restaurant for dinner with her boss, Don Maclean. Neither knows the reason for this meeting, but they’re both hoping to make the best of it.

As the night wears on and the couple start to unwind, Don makes his power play – an offer that shocks the couple. All they need do is give in to this alpha male’s demands.


‘Your wife is my slut now.’

Jameson is being worked hard by his boss, Donovan, and barely has any time to spend with his wife. Lately, Donovan has been bragging about his latest conquest, a married woman who isn’t getting the satisfaction she needs from her husband. Jameson is disgusted by this and can’t understand why any wife would do such a thing, but is totally oblivious to what is really going on...


Every man has a fantasy to be controlled and dominated by a beautiful woman, but few of them ever admit it. This sizzling story is one man’s adventure into the world of true cuckolding, as he allows his best friend to become his keyholder and grants her permission to make all his fantasies come true.

A Husband’s Humiliation

Oliver and Layla appear to be your normal everyday couple. At least, that’s what Oliver believes, until he makes a shocking discovery about his wife and the life she leads behind his back.

As Oliver delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding his wife, he finds himself torn between two equally upsetting options. Is this the end of their marriage, or the start of something totally new and unexpected?

This collection contains previously published material. All stories can be purchased separately.

Belletristik und Literatur
24. August
Andrea Martin

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