Guide To Solar Energy: Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build Your Off-Grid Solar Power From Scratch

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Do you want to build your own off grid solar system without a hassle even if you are a solar and electrical newbie?
Are you willing to power your camper van, boat, or off grid cabin with solar energy and enjoy the self sufficient life you’ve always dreamed of?
If yes, then this solar power DIY book is written for you!
Solar Power for Beginners uses stepwise instructions, tons of real-life examples, and various schematics that make your solar learning life easier. DIY SOURCE authors have consulted with numerous mobile solar power DIYers, electrical and photovoltaics engineers, and off grid solar professionals to prepare a solar guide to power your adventures.

Unlike impractical, too-technical solar panel books on the market, this book’s simple and pragmatic approach for teaching allows novices, and of course pros, to digest these following fundamental subjects more easily:
Amps, volts, watts, and other essential electrical formulas for building a solar system
A list of electrical and solar tools and an explanation about each of them
In this solar book you will also discover:
Various solar panel features, specifications, tilt angle, and how to optimize its power output
How solar charge controllers function and how to size a controller for your setup
A comprehensive discussion on lead acid and lithium batteries, solar battery maintenance, monitoring, lifespan increasing tricks, wiring configurations, and prices
Off grid solar power simplified blueprint for designing and sizing an off grid solar power system
Everything you need to learn about inverters and an easy formula to select the appropriate inverter size for your RV or trailer’s solar power off-grid system
How to choose the proper wire sizes with an easy and an advanced method
How to use fuses to protect the wires and solar installation against fire hazard
Numerous beginner-friendly schematics to clarify solar design concepts and explain solar installation steps
Step-by-step guide on how to build your off grid solar power from scratch
And a lot more…
We have also included time and money-saving tips and solar tricks. You can use this book as your solar manual to design your solar off grid system and keep it as a reference book for a possible system upgrade.

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