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Princess Miali, one of the beautiful and strong daughters of Lyra, is an ambassador for Lyra. Her true identity is kept secret to protect her but it’s her beauty that puts her in danger when slavers attack her ship while she’s in cryo-sleep. When she wakes, she finds herself heading for the markets, her only company the ship’s handsome young Minervan doctor. Kosen makes Miali’s body react like no man before him, sending her hair floating with her positive emotions and making her wonder if she might just be falling for her captor.

Kosen has been part of Nostra’s crew since his two sisters were sold into slavery. His only desire is to gain enough money to buy them back, and Miali’s sale will get him just that. But the more time he spends with her, the more he realises that the path he chose was a mistake and the life he’s led is a shameful one. When he discovers Miali’s secret, he agrees to help her escape, and not just because she promises him the money he needs. Miali fascinates him with her beauty and the way her body reacts to him, and he can’t help believing that they might have a chance with each other, and he might have a chance at a better life.

Can Kosen help Miali escape the slaver vessel and the terrible future that awaits her at the markets? Will he be able to save his sisters and change the course of his life? And will Miali be able to convince Kosen to stay with her?

Books in the Daughters of Lyra science fiction romance series:

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3. Oktober
Felicity Heaton

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