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The Creator of the whole universe created the world for humankind.

When the world is completely ready, The Almighty created the man and sent

him to this world like guest house as “His special guests”.

According to Islamic resources, the first guest was Adam. He was also

known as the first prophet of mankind. After Prophet Adam, God sent one

hundred and twenty four thousand prophets to different civilizations and

communities. We have learned some of the names of those prophets like

Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jonah, Soloman, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad

which are commonly mentioned in Qur’an.

Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him) was born in

571 AD in Macca in Saudi Arabia and died in 632 AD in Madina in Saudi

Arabia. When he was at the age of 40, Angel Gabriel appeared to him. The

angel asked him to “READ”. Muhammad learned that it was the first lesson

that he received from The Almighty and it is also the first verse of the Quran

known to him. This event marks Prophet Muhammad’s messengership and

proclaimed him as the last Prophet of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad was given a Holy Book named The HOLY QUR’AN.

It was revealed part by part in twenty three years during Prophet Muhammad’s

life time, as a guidance and mercy to all the worlds.The Holy Qur’an was sent

in Arabic language with six hundred and sixty six thousand (6666) verses,

divided into one hundred and fourteen (114) chapters. It remains unchanged

from its revelation until this time.

The Holy Qur’an,Words of God Almighty, composes of four main

subject matters: Oneness of God, Hereafter and Resurrection, Prophethood

and Justice - Worship.

The Qur’an as a book of guidance speaks to human being in a way that

they understand. It teaches us the Creator – creature’s relationship and

allowing them to go further to see the different Beautiful Names of the Creator

and showing living life examples in a form of parables and stories of the

prophets before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It explains the major question of

human on the purpose of this life and the life after.

The Qur’an also reminds human the importance of worship, servanthood

and obedience, manifested in prayers, good deeds and good character as

demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad’s life style and actions.

In short, the Qur’an is a gift of Almighty God to his guests which is

represented by the seal and last of all Prophets, Muhammad, (PBUH). The

Qur’an causes positive transformation in one’s personal, social, political and

spiritual life. It is also proven to train men, purified their souls, progress to

mankind so that they may attain eternal happiness in this world and in the


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